A unique method for finding the right shoe

5 points to assess

Did you know that over 75% of the population wears ill-fitted shoes? An ill-fitted shoe can increase your chance of injury or worse, aggravate an existing injury or slow down the healing process. At Maison de la Course, we know just how important running is to you. Our method developed and tested with our 10,000 customers, is there to help you find the best shoe for the long run.

Your profile, your story; we want to know everything about you! What is your running experience? What are your short and medium term goals, your history of injuries and the type of ground you want to cover with this new shoe? What kind of comfort are you looking for? Lightweight, extra-cushioned, minimalist, a shoe that tightly hugs your toes or on the contrary, with plenty of room for the toes? We are attentive to your needs and your personal style.

Using professional equipment, we measure both feet to best determine the most appropriate size. We stock half sizes as well as various widths. We also have a large selection of unusual sizes such as 5, 5.5, 10.5 and 11 for women and 7, 7.5, 12.5, 13, 14 and even 15 in stock. We can, for no extra charge, order other sizes, should you require them.

Your two feet are unique. Their uniqueness influences how you run. We require the following information: the height of the kick, the presence or absence of a hallux valgus or hammer-toe, the width of your feet, and other characteristics. They may be narrow at the heel and wider at the toe, or the opposite. All of these aspects must be taken into consideration when choosing new shoes.

We offer more than 200 models of all types, such as minimalist shoes, maximalist, conventional, performance, trail, winter, etc. The running world is constantly and quickly changing. Let us guide you through this world! We’ll let you try on the shoes that seem most appropriate for you, based on all of the information that you provide.  You slip them on and tell us how they feel in terms of comfort.

You will be asked to run around the store so that we can capture your shoe’s motion. This allows us to break down the movement into several modules and see what happens when your feet make contact with the ground. A picture is worth a thousand words and a video is even better! After that, we can explain how the movement should be carried out. This way, you are involved in the final selection process!