Our story is one of transformation.

It started as an idea, a dream, to build a home for running (Maison de la Course). We had to find the “house” which was to be the start of this beautiful project; a place where people are friendly and enthusiastic. We wanted to find the ideal home to create this beautiful project; a place where people are friendly and enthusiastic. In June 2011, Josée came across a rundown and nearly abandoned property that had been for sale for some time; a place that nobody wanted. She immediately saw “her home”.

People were skeptical, but Josée had a vision, and with remarkable energy she put everything in motion to see her dream come true in Mont-Saint-Hilaire on April 5th, 2012. From the very beginning, we welcomed a wide variety of individuals: experienced runners, people new to the sport, curious people who became runner because after chatting with Josée, everyone seems to turn into a runner.

The once abandoned location immediately became a special place of pride for all.

It was also at this time that Frédérick discovered the beauty of running and the MDLC community. Josée’s enthusiasm and creativity have an immediate effect and he quickly begins to get involved with the store and to feel at “Home”. As a runner at the start, it was in 2013 that he continued the adventure as an advisor during his studies. Passion wins him intensely, a passion that he shares with his family and his loved ones who see him shine through this new project. The entrepreneurial spirit is slowly getting bigger, as is the idea of ​​growing with the “Maison”.

In 2015, a second “home” came to life in Sainte-Thérèse; another dream come true with an extraordinary team – it quickly became a second location for friendly gatherings and a place where everyone feels at home.

Having a vision, seeing the possibilities and potential and getting the work done; that’s what –Maison de la Course- is all about. As a runner, this may also be your story; a story of transformation, of vision, energy and tenacity.

Let’s pursue these goals together!

Why a “Maison“?

What could be more important than a house? A house represents our family, our roots, security and love. A house is the center of everything. A house may be large or small, luxurious or humble, but it is its heart that gives it’s warmth.

During her childhood, Josée never had a home or at least, not for that long of a time. She saw others who had a cozy home with a family; a place of refuge, a place to grow and learn. She had never realized just how much this had been missing in her life until it finally dawned on her that she wanted a Maison de la Course. She thought about it a lot. Why the name? Because she wanted it to be a place to grow, to laugh, to cuddle. A store? Oh no! Much more than that! A home!